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Even After the Fines and License Suspension, You’re Not Done Paying

The Full Reach of DWI Penalties

In the past we have discussed the different penalties (both criminal penalties and the driver’s license suspension) for a DWI conviction. There are four distinct levels or “degrees” to a DWI charge in Minnesota which you can read about at the links below:

Additional Penalties for a DWI Conviction

While you will have to deal with the fines, license suspension, required ignition interlock and possible jail time after a DWI, the price you pay doesn’t end there. A DWI conviction on your criminal record and driving record can have an impact for years to come. A few of the ways a DWI can continue to cause trouble in your day to day life include:

  • Increased Insurance Premium 
    A DWI on your driving record can cause a dramatic increase in what you pay for auto insurance. Your insurance is based on your age, the type of car you drive and your driving record. Having a DWI on your record can also affect the premiums that other drivers who live in the same household pay.
  • Applications for Rental Property  
    If you go to rent a house or apartment, they are very likely going to do a criminal background check. While finding a DWI on your record will not automatically make you ineligible to rent an apartment, it can cause trouble especially in cases where there are many applicants and few openings.
  • Future Job Openings
    If your job directly involves driving, a DWI conviction will very likely threaten your current employment. In the future, even if you’re applying for a job where you do not drive, a DWI can keep employers from hiring you.
  • Car Rentals
    Some car rental companies will refuse to rent a car to someone with a DWI on their driving record.
  • Travel
    A few countries like Canada will not allow entrance if you have a DWI or DUI on your record. This can become an issue for business travel, especially living in a neighboring state.

Avoiding DWI Penalties & Consequences

Hiring a lawyer is not a magic wand, and it cannot automatically make the consequences of a DWI conviction disappear. However, when you work with a DWI attorney they can help you work towards minimizing the consequences where possible or exploring alternative sentencing where possible.

During a free initial consultation, we can help you understand how Minnesota DWI law applies to your specific situation, and your options for moving forward. Call or email us today to arrange a time to take the first step towards your DWI defense.

Author Photo John T. Arechigo, Esq.

Attorney John Arechigo has a passion for criminal defense in St. Paul, MN. John received his J.D., from Hamline University School of Law and also carries a Bachelor of Arts from, The University of Minnesota. John was named Attorney of the Year for 2019 by Minnesota Lawyer. Additionally, John was also named as a 2019 Rising Star and was selected to Minnesota Super Lawyers in 2021. He devotes nearly 100% of his practice to defending individuals charged with a crime.

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