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If you have been charged with a crime or were injured at work,
there is no room for error when it comes to your case.

Don’t take a chance with your future. Hire a criminal defense attorney or workers compensation lawyer who has handled hundreds of cases.

The criminal defense lawyers and workers comp lawyers of Arechigo & Stokka provide direct, personal attention to your case. Our attorneys are committed to achieving your case goals, no matter the type of injury or criminal charge.

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Client Testimonials

  • "I reached out to John Arechigo about a case I had and John was outstanding. He made the process very easy for a person who does not know how the process work, and accomplished the goal I wanted. My experience was very positive and I would highly recommend John to anyone who need to have their case looked into or dismiss. Would definitely reach out to John if ever a problem should arise for any future help."

    - J Thao

  • "Best Attorney in MN! Thank you to Mr. John Arechigo and everyone at Arechigo & Stokka, P.A for the exceptional job they did with our case. Because of their professional knowledge, dedicated efforts, hard work, and compassion, we got the outcome that we needed. If you ever need an exceptional attorney for any sort of civil forfeiture, John Arechigo of Arechigo & Stokka, PA is the only law firm I would call. We are grateful and thankful for all they have done to help us get our property back."

    - Monica K

  • "The legal expertise provided by John was nothing less than exceptional. When a sibling of mine was facing multiple serious felonies and in dire need of top-notch representation, John was the man. In and out of the court room, he's knowledge and professional are second to none. Throughout the case, he restored hope into our family. He delivered as he stated, and now we have our family back together. This man is worth every penny, he gets the job done. "

    - Safi Khalif

  • "I have been a client of Arechigo & Stokka for nearly a decade. They provide exceptional legal representation and maintain good working relationships with various judges and prosecuting attorneys in the Twin Cities area. They are well versed in the current laws which are continually changing. This allows them to quickly adapt, if needed, in order to offer the best legal strategy possible for a given case. Arechigo & Stokka treat each case with the utmost importance, work promptly to advocate for their clients’ needs, and communicate openly with each regarding the status of their particular case."

    - Abigail Peterson

  • "John Arechigo is an absolute miracle worker. My friends and I have used him multiple times. Extremely knowledgeable and a wizard in the court room. John always answers his phone and will be with you every step of the way through the legal process. Highly recommended!"

    - Bryan Larson

  • "John was a true professional. He listened to and understood all of my questions, and he always provided a quick and thorough response. If I ever find myself in another situation where a lawyer is necessary, I will not hesitate for a second to call him!"

    - Mack Ziemer

  • "While facing some serious felony level charges that would have potentially put me away for awhile, John's legal expertise proved otherwise. He was very coherent, competent, and consistent in fulfilling his duties throughout the entire process. His constant communication and knowledge about the law kept me at ease, knowing that I had one of the best defense attorneys in MN on my team."

    - Mubashir Jeilani

  • "John is professional, extremely knowledgeable and empathetic. He always answered any questions I had in a timely matter and I felt that he was truly invested in my case from start to finish. I would highly recommend him and his firm."

    - Ted Spiess

From The Blog

Arechigo & Stokka Receive Win in Minnesota Cyberbullying Case

| Read Time: 1 minute

In June, the Minnesota Supreme Court issued a ruling reversing the cyberbullying conviction of a high school student that has been working its way through the court system for the last three years. The student, identified in court documents as A.J.B., was originally charged under Minnesota’s mail-harassment laws. The case, which involved a series of tweets containing insults mocking the target’s autism and sexuality, raised concerns over the law’s potential infringement of the First Amendment. A.J.B. was originally found guilty in juvenile court of multiple charges of stalking and harassment under Minnesota’s mail harassment laws. On appeal, the Court of Appeals allowed the Minnesota cyberbullying case conviction to stand, prompting the further appeal to the state’s supreme court. In its ruling, the Supreme Court disagreed with the lower court ruling, finding that the laws were, in fact, too broad and as a result could provide an unconstitutional restriction on free speech. In its opinion, written by Justice Paul Thissen, the court explained that while First Amendment protections are not limitless, here the line separating speech that could be regulated by the government had not been crossed. Instead, the law was overbroad because it could be used against someone who didn’t know or intend that their communications “frighten, threaten, oppress, persecute, or intimidate” the target. “Obviously, we consider this a pretty big victory three years in the making,” said the attorney for the defendant, John Arechigo. “It’s certainly a win for freedom of speech.”

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Types of Injuries for Work Comp

| Read Time: 2 minutes

MINNESOTA WORK COMP LAWYER  An injured worker can be entitled to Minnesota work comp benefits if an injury is work-related as the result of work duties.  The employee may be injured on the employer’s property, while at another worksite, when traveling on the job, or doing anything that is work-related while “on the clock.”  With the help of an experienced Minnesota workers’ comp attorney, you will receive the help that you need to fill out and file a complete and accurate claim. UNDERSTANDING THE TYPES OF WORKPLACE INJURIES An injury incurred on the job is not considered a valid injury for work comp purposes if it was an injury that occurred due to committing a crime, did not occur while on the clock, was self-inflicted, was due to a pre-existing condition unless worsened by current work, or resulted from the use of alcohol or drugs.  An injury may also not be covered by workers’ comp if it is determined that the injury occurred due to violating company policy. Injuries that are covered under Minnesota work comp typically include physical injuries, including broken bones, head injuries, spinal injuries, amputated limbs, paralysis, eye injuries, burn injuries, repetitive motion injuries (carpal tunnel),  and many others. Illnesses may also be covered if the illness was caused by a hazardous job condition.  For instance, exposure to a toxic substance and exposure to substances that can cause cancer or respiratory illnesses can usually trigger Minnesota work comp benefits. Mental illnesses or traumatic emotional experiences at work are tricky.  These areas have gained some recent momentum under Minnesota work comp.  A person who experiences an event at work that causes emotional trauma resulting in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD could possibly qualify for Minnesota work comp benefits if it is deemed impossible for a person to return to work or a person can only work in a limited capacity because of the traumatic experience. HELPING YOU GET THE COMPENSATION YOU DESERVE When you have experienced any of the aforementioned types of injuries, it is important to notify your employer, your doctor, and your Minnesota workers’ comp attorney.  That way the process toward filing your workers’ comp claim can begin.  Minnesota work comp benefits are designed to help you get through your injury, recover, and return to work. CONTACT A ST. PAUL WORK COMP LAWYER As noted, several types of injuries are excluded from Minnesota work comp benefits. It is not uncommon for an employer or the insurance company to claim a legitimate work comp injury falls under one of the excluded categories and thereby attempt to deny work comp benefits. If you have been injured on the job, our experienced St. Paul workers’ comp attorneys can help you obtain your benefits as soon as possible, as well as remove a great deal of stress from the process. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.  There is no upfront fee if you decide to hire our St. Paul work comp lawyers to help recover your Minnesota work comp benefits.

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Keep Calm and Lawyer Up

| Read Time: 1 minute

Perhaps the most important thing someone can remember to do when they find him or herself in the middle of a police encounter is to keep calm.   Getting into an argument with the police, no matter how right you may be, is not going to do any good.  The police will most likely describe you as being “uncooperative” or “combative.” Instead, keep calm and lawyer up.  Tell the officers that you would like to have your attorney present for any questioning.  After you have asserted your right to have an attorney present, the police cannot ask you anymore questions and the interrogation must end. Keep calm and lawyer up.

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