Prostitution may not seem like a very serious offense due to the fact it usually doesn’t involve any sort of violence.

Some believe that it isn’t an offense that hurts anyone and really doesn’t warrant the punishment that many women receive because of it.

However, law enforcement does pursue Minnesota prostitution very aggressively. They stage prostitution raids and go after all of those involved with everything they have.

They go after the prostitutes, the johns, and the pimps. One of the reasons why they go after these offenders so strongly is because many of the women that are involved in prostitution rings are minors.

If you have been accused of any Minnesota prostitution-related act, you need legal representation by your side so that you can defend your rights and your future.

While there may be merit to the charges, there may be reasons why you do not deserve the maximum sentence. There may even be reasons to have the charges dismissed.

Your St. Paul criminal defense attorney will evaluate every element of your case to determine what the best route to take will be so that you can move on with your life sooner. Contact us today to get started.

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Effective Defense Against All Prostitution Charges in Minnesota

There are different acts that a person can be accused of when it comes to prostitution. They include:

  • Inducement – Influencing another individual to engage in prostitution
  • Solicitation – Offering to exchange sex for money
  • Prostitution in a park or school zone – Children may be present in these areas
  • Loitering with the intent to prostitute – The intent to solicit is there and evidenced by hanging out in a single area for a long period of time with the intent to exchange sex for money.
  • Promoting prostitution – Promoting the prostitution of another person and collecting money for the act, frequently known as “pimping.”

Regardless of the prostitution type, it is considered a very serious offense because it is considered a sex crime.

If you are arrested for any of the aforementioned acts, it is very important that you not say anything until your Minnesota criminal defense attorney is present before saying anything to law enforcement that could incriminate you.

Saying anything to the officer could result in what you say being used against you in a court of law. You do not want to incriminate yourself in any way.

Straightforward Representation

It is important that the representation you receive is straightforward and honest so that you know what is happening in your case and why.

You will be presented with options and what those options mean so that you can make the right decisions. Your Minnesota criminal defense lawyer will fight for you every step of the way so that you can move on with your life as soon as possible.

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Minnesota Prostitution is a serious criminal offense that can result in a criminal record, fines, and jail time or prison time.

If you have been accused of prostitution, it is very important that you secure solid representation as soon as possible so that you can have a much better outcome than you would otherwise.

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