An unexpected job injury or debilitating work-related illness can rob you of your financial security and turn your life upside down. 

Even worse, you may have to fight against big insurance companies to get the benefits you deserve. 

Fighting for your workers’ compensation case isn’t something they teach you about in school. That’s why we’re here. 

If you’re dealing with the after-effects of a work-related injury or illness, you don’t need to fight for your rights alone. Consult a veteran Minneapolis workers’ compensation attorney today. 

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a form of state insurance that provides you with monetary benefits after you get an illness or injury because of your job. 

Workers’ compensation is not an optional benefit that your employer can choose whether to offer you.

Minnesota law requires that all private-sector employers in the state either purchase workers’ compensation insurance or become self-insured. 

Also, you never have to pay for the cost of workers’ compensation insurance. That’s your employer’s responsibility. 

Can I Receive Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Yes, you can receive workers’ compensation benefits if you are an employee in Minnesota who was injured or exposed to an illness while on the job.

You are also eligible for workers’ compensation if you had a pre-existing injury that was aggravated or made worse by your job. 

It’s important to remember that you will get workers’ compensation benefits regardless of who caused your injury or illness. That means that you can receive compensation even if you accidentally caused your own work-related injury. 

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What Will Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Workers’ compensation will pay for any reasonable and necessary medical costs caused by the work-related injury or illness. Workers’ compensation covers a variety of medical treatments, including psychological care and surgical care. 

Workers’ compensation also provides monetary benefits for the following:

  • Loss of income caused by your injury;
  • Permanent damage to your body or loss of function of a body part;
  • Mileage and parking fees for any medical treatment for your injury; and
  • Vocational rehabilitation services if you cannot work at your old job after your work injury. 

Finally, if an employee died due to a work injury or illness, workers’ compensation benefits will pay the employee’s dependents. A good Minneapolis workers’ compensation attorney will be able to assess the unique details of your case and tell you more about what workers’ compensation benefits you can obtain. 

What Can I Do to Help My Workers’ Compensation Case?

The best thing you can do to help your case is to consult with a dedicated Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney. However, there are several actions you can take that will make your case easier if you need to pursue legal action down the road.  

Don’t Wait to Get Medical Attention After Your Injury

Injured employees sometimes hold off on getting medical treatment because they want to see if their injury will get better on its own. Don’t make this mistake.

Seeing a doctor immediately may prevent your injury from becoming worse. It will also illustrate the state of your work injury right after it happened. 

If you don’t see a doctor immediately, it may hurt your case and make it more difficult to document the extent of your injury and prove your damages. 

Immediately Report Your Injury to Your Employer

This step is also absolutely essential. We recommend you report your injury within 14 days of the date of injury. Reporting your injury to your employer puts them on notice of your situation. 

Before reporting your injury to your employer, it may be a good idea to read up on your employer’s specific policy on reporting work injuries. 

Waiting too long to report your injury can threaten your ability to get workers’ compensation benefits. Don’t hesitate to report your injury to your employer out of fear that they will retaliate against you. It is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you for claiming workers’ compensation benefits. A qualified Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney will be able to defend your rights. 

Record and Save Everything

During your initial consultation with a Minneapolis workers’ compensation attorney, they will want to see evidence and documents relating to your claim. 

That’s one of the reasons why it’s critical to save copies of any evidence related to your claim, including every document, letter, and form you’ve received from your employer or an insurance company. 

You should also save a copy of your medical records and bills, receipts for transportation costs related to your medical appointments, and any benefits checks that you received from the insurance company. 

Finally, take notes whenever you talk with your employer or the insurance company about your claim. Save copies of these notes. 

Be a Good Communicator

Make sure you keep your employer updated on your medical situation. This includes the progress of your recovery and the potential date you might be able to return to work. Besides keeping them on notice, this step can also maintain trust between you and your employer. 

When Should I Hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney in Minneapolis?

Many workers’ compensation cases require an attorney. However, there are a few limited situations where you may not need an attorney. 

Specifically, you may not need a good workers’ comp attorney in Minneapolis if all of the following conditions are true:

  1. You live far outside the Twin Cities area; 
  2. Your injury or illness is something minor, like a light cut or mild burn;
  3. You didn’t have to take any time off because of the injury; and
  4. Your employer admitted that your injury happened at work and is meeting all its legal obligations. 

Even in these situations, it is probably helpful to have a brief consultation with a local attorney. 

If nothing else, a good Minnesota workers’ comp attorney can walk you through the workers’ compensation process, alert you to how your employer should act toward you, and give you helpful tips on how to make your claim more successful. 

Why Should I Pick Your Firm?

We know that there are other workers’ compensation attorneys in Minneapolis. However, not all attorneys are created equal. Many of them won’t give you the personalized attention or service that you deserve. Others may mean well but simply don’t have the amount of experience needed to represent your case well. 

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Here, we treat our clients as human beings, not just numbers. Together, we can work to guarantee that your case gets the attention it deserves. 

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