A North Dakota sexual offense conviction will carry serious consequences—including imprisonment and fines.

Furthermore, you may carry the lifelong stigma of being a convicted sex offender.

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Why Are Sex Crimes Different?

Sex crimes are unique because convictions never go away—even after serving your time. North Dakota requires convicted sex offenders to register with local authorities.

The statute is broad and gives the court wide latitude to require a person to register.

For example, the court can require you to register if a judge finds that “the nature of the crime warrants registration.” This can apply even if the crime is not one that requires registration.

Also, the court’s order for you to register will carry the full stigma of being a convicted sex offender.

If a jury convicts you of a sex crime, the state may put your personal information into a database. The database—accessible to anyone—can include:

  • Full name and nicknames,
  • Addresses,
  • Employment details, and
  • Information on previous criminal convictions.

The state will post this information on the internet. Also, some groups may distribute it throughout your neighborhood.

Therefore, if someone accuses you of a sex offense—even a minor offense—it is essential to consult with a criminal sexual conduct defense lawyer in Fargo.

Our Fargo criminal sexual conduct lawyers are experienced and trained in North Dakota and Minnesota sex crimes laws.

What Are Sex Crimes?

In North Dakota, nearly 1,000 people are charged with sex crimes every year. If a jury convicts you of a sex offense, you may face prison, fines, and other penalties.

Sex crimes include several different offenses that range from a misdemeanor to an AA felony.

What Is Sexual Imposition?

Sexual imposition is unwanted sexual contact or acts. A sexual act is commonly known as rape.

In comparison, sexual contact means any unwanted touching for gratification, arousal, or aggressive desires.

Gross Sexual Imposition

The state can charge gross sexual imposition if:

  • A person used force or threat of force;
  • The person intoxicated the victim or knew the victim was intoxicated;
  • The victim was unaware that the act occurred;
  • The victim was less than 15 years old; or
  • The victim was incapable of giving consent.   

Gross sexual imposition can be an A or AA felony. Thus, you can face 20 years to life in state prison.

A criminal sexual conduct lawyer in ND can advise you of other penalties and potential defenses.

Sexual Imposition

Sexual imposition occurs when a person compels another person to engage in a sexual act or contact by force or the threat of force. Sexual imposition can include some forms of hazing.

Sexual imposition is a class B felony. A court can sentence you to ten years imprisonment and a $20,000 fine if found guilty.

What Is Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child?

Three or more sexual acts or contacts with a minor younger than 15 is continuous sexual abuse of a child.

This offense is an AA felony if you are over the age of 22 at the time. AA felonies can carry a life sentence.

Thus, if the state charges you with this offense, you should immediately contact a sex crimes defense lawyer in Fargo, ND.

What Is Sexual Assault?

In North Dakota, sexual assault is sexual contact—any sexual touching—when the victim did not give consent.

A jury can find you guilty of sexual contact only if you knew or had reason to know:

  • The contact was offensive to the other person;
  • The other person was incapable of giving consent;
  • The other person was impaired;
  • The other person was detained; or
  • The other person was younger than 15.

Sexual assault can range from a class C felony to an A misdemeanor. Therefore, a court can sentence you to five years imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.

Fargo, ND criminal sexual conduct lawyers can walk you through other penalties and fines.

ND Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys Can Help

A sex crime is a serious allegation that can carry lifelong implications.

However, there are many ways to defend a sexual crime allegation. Moreover, the state must meet its burden of proof.

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We are licensed in North Dakota and Minnesota and have over 20 years of experience winning favorable outcomes for many of our clients.

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