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If you’ve been injured in a work accident, you are probably concerned about how long it will take for you to get back to work. Even if you are not fully healed, you may be able to return to work with certain limitations.

Your doctor will assess your situation and recommend specific restrictions. Then you may be able to return to work under these restrictions with workers’ compensation light duty work.

What Is Light Duty Work?

Workers’ compensation light-duty work refers to the temporary modification of an employee’s responsibilities by the employer to accommodate a job-related injury. For instance, an individual recovering from a sprained ankle may be assigned tasks that allow them to work while seated at a desk.

Depending on your situation, you may need to perform less physical work or work shorter hours. Your employer should be willing to help you during this time.

Should your employer not take your limitations seriously, do not hesitate to contact a workers’ compensation attorney.

Examples of Light Duty Work

Light duty work can look very different depending on the type of work. Some examples of light duty work include:

  • Working a desk job,
  • Performing office duties,
  • Taking inventory, and
  • Answering telephones.

Depending on the type of work you do, your employer will know how to cater to your physical needs. If your employer cannot tailor your current position, they may assign you to an entirely new job until you can return to work with no limitations. 

Does Light Duty Work Affect Your Benefits?

Light duty work may affect your workers’ compensation benefits. If you are making less than you were before your accident, you may be eligible to receive lost wage benefits. However, if you are earning the same or more than you were earning before your accident, you will not be able to receive any lost wage benefits.

Turning down light duty work may negatively impact your workers’ compensation benefits. If your employer offers you light duty work acceptable for your limitations and you do not accept, you might lose your right to collect lost wage benefits altogether.

Act Quickly

If your employer is willing to offer workers’ comp light duty work suitable for you and your physical restrictions, act promptly and accept it. An employer may work with their employee to come up with a mutually agreeable start date.

Once all details are set, the employer will expect the employee to show up to work. Failing to do so may result in the employer rescinding their offer and negatively impact your workers’ compensation benefits. 

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney If You Need Help

Workers’ compensation can be frustrating and confusing. Should you need help with your claim or benefits, contact a qualified workers’ compensation attorney. They will work with you to make sure you receive the benefits you deserve. 

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