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Defending Your Freedom, Finances and Your Future

When facing criminal charges, especially misdemeanor offenses, it’s common for people to assume that they can plead guilty, defend themselves or rely on the help of a public defender and get a good outcome.

After many years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, John has repeatedly seen defendants come to court unprepared and assuming that they will get a light sentence. While there are times that defendant can get lucky, hoping and wishing for a lucky day in court is hardly a reliable defense strategy and one that can leave you facing large fines and even time in jail.

Charged with a Crime? There is no substitute for experience and preparation

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by a criminal charge. The prospect of losing one’s license or facing jail time can be a source of great stress. Relying on a criminal defense lawyer does not guarantee that your case will end as you would like it to, but it does put experience and preparation on your side, both of which can prove extremely valuable when your day in court comes.

  • Experience – John Arechigo has over a decade of experience defending the rights of people accused of all types of crimes.  From basic misdemeanors to DWIs to much more serious felony charges, he is well versed on the high stakes of a criminal trial and is intimately familiar with the judges and prosecutors involved.  John understands what it takes to succeed in criminal court, and is ready to fight to work with you towards the best possible outcome.
  • Preparation – How a lawyer prepares for a trial can make a huge impact on the outcome. Understanding the evidence against you and how the prosecution plans to prove your guilt allows John to see and pursue the best course of action for his clients. Criminal defense cases are about what the prosecution can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, and John’s preparation allows him to cast that shadow of doubt over police testimony and questionable evidence.

Get Started with a Free Initial Consultation

If you have been charged with a crime you very likely have questions about how the law applies to your situation, your options for moving forward, and how a lawyer can help you.  During a free initial consultation, we can answer your questions and help you understand what you’re up against. If you choose to hire us, we will be by your side each step of the way and will work with you towards the best possible outcome.

Learn more about why you need a criminal defense lawyer on your side at our website.

Author Photo John T. Arechigo, Esq.

Attorney John Arechigo has a passion for criminal defense in St. Paul, MN. John received his J.D., from Hamline University School of Law and also carries a Bachelor of Arts from, The University of Minnesota. John was named Attorney of the Year for 2019 by Minnesota Lawyer. Additionally, John was also named as a 2019 Rising Star and was selected to Minnesota Super Lawyers in 2021. He devotes nearly 100% of his practice to defending individuals charged with a crime.

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