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If you have been injured at work, you are likely quickly becoming familiar with workers’ compensation insurance and its associated terms.

Temporary partial disability (TPD) is a wage-loss benefit available to injured employees able to work but at less earning capacity than pre-injury.

If you are back at work in a light-duty role and earning less than your standard paycheck, you do not have to accept that as satisfactory. Just because you are working doesn’t mean you are not entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

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What Is TPD in Workers Comp?

Generally, temporary partial disability benefits are available when you have temporarily lost some ability to work and earn your total wages.

TPD workers’ comp benefits are payable at two-thirds of the difference between what an employee earned at the time of the injury and their current wages.

TPD benefits in workers’ comp are paid at two-thirds (2/3) to help fill the gap between what you made before the injury and what you now earn in a “light duty” role. Notably, the benefits are payable only if the employee is currently employed.

Temporary Partial Disability Examples

There are many examples of how TPD in workers’ comp works, depending on an employee’s unique earnings.

For example, imagine at the time of his injury, Joe made $800 per week but now earns only $500 per week. His weekly TPD benefit amount is two-thirds of the $300 difference in his wages, or $200 per week.

The exact amount of TPD you may be entitled to will depend on your salary before and after your injury, up to the maximum allowed by law. 

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

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What Is the Average TPD Payout?

Calculating the average TPD payout is difficult because these are based directly on an individual’s salary pre- and post-injury. However, the Minnesota statewide average weekly wage (SAWW) in 2022 was $1,287.00.

It is important to remember that this figure includes all types of workers’ comp disability benefits that were paid out, including permanent and total disability.

What Is the Calculation for TPD?

The amount you would be paid in TPD benefits is two-thirds of the difference between your average weekly wage before your injury and the amount you are earning while working light duty.

There are also benefit calculators that can provide you with a better understanding of what you can expect.

However, it is always best to speak with a qualified and experienced workers’ comp attorney to determine exactly what you may be entitled to receive.  

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