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You may wonder what role surgery plays in your workers’ comp settlement. Every workers’ comp claim is based on several factors rather than just one consideration.

The type and amount of treatment your injury requires will undoubtedly impact the potential settlement. So does surgery increase a workers’ comp settlement?

The answer is that it likely will since it probably means a longer recovery time and more significant impairment. 

In this article, the Minnesota workers’ comp lawyers at Arechigo & Stokka go over the details of surgery and if it increases a workers’ compensation settlement in Minnesota. 

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Factors Considered in Minnesota Workers’ Comp Settlements 

Typically, many factors will be taken into account when accessing and negotiating a workers’ compensation settlement, such as:

  • The degree of the injuries,
  • Amount of time lost from work,
  • The extent of any potential disability,
  • Loss of income, 
  • Past and future medical costs (e.g., surgery), and
  • Loss of quality of life.

Surgery is just another factor impacting a settlement’s value and can significantly increase the value of your workers’ compensation.

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Does Having Multiple Surgeries Increase a Workers’ Comp Settlement?

The simple answer is that any surgery can potentially increase the value of a workers’ comp settlement. However, it does not guarantee an automatic increase in your settlement. 

Typically, the insurer will factor in any potential exposure when negotiating a settlement and determining a case’s value.

In other words, they will anticipate how much may be needed for the claim, including any potential future surgeries. 

Workers’ Comp Settlement After Surgery

It is possible to settle your workers’ comp claim before any necessary surgery.

However, it is more common to arrive at a settlement after any medical treatment, including surgeries. Waiting to complete medical treatment allows you to reach maximum medical improvement (MMI).

Remember, your doctor determines if you have reached your MMI, not the insurance carrier.

Insurance companies will often try to say you have reached your MMI  and do not require additional treatment before that is necessarily the case. 

Workers’ comp should cover any necessary medical costs, and even post-surgery settlements should still account for potential future surgeries and other medical treatment. 

Should the insurance carrier offer you a settlement before any possible surgery, it is even more critical to have an experienced workers’ comp attorney review the documents.

You do not want to accept a binding settlement for insufficient money and later learn you are more injured than you initially thought. 

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If you were recently injured on the job and facing the potential for surgical repair, you are probably wondering, will surgery increase my settlement?

Sustaining an injury that requires surgical intervention can be devastating and debilitating.

We understand this is a challenging time in your life, and you may be worried about your ability to earn a living.

Let the workers’ comp lawyer at Arechigo & Stokka walk you through this complex process and get you the compensation you deserve.

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