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Hiring a Lawyer for Your DUI Case

People often wonder whether they should hire an attorney if they’re charged with a DUI.

First of all, a Minnesota DUI is a crime.  Some people don’t think of a DUI as a crime, but it most certainly is.  Going to court by yourself and pleading guilty to a DUI will result in a misdemeanor criminal conviction at the very least, and could even be worse than that depending on the circumstances of particular DUI case.

While your DUI charge may seem straightforward, there are a number of issues that an experienced Minnesota DUI lawyer will know to investigate before advising you on how best to proceed. A city prosecutor is not your attorney and cannot offer you legal advice. A city prosecutor will also not go out of his or her way to investigate potential issues that could affect your DUI case.  

While it may be the case that a thorough investigation fails to yield any legitimate issues, there certainly are times where a competent investigation produces an issue that significantly affects a DUI case. These issues can include a squad video recording failing to support the officer’s stated reason for pulling over a vehicle, faulty field sobriety test procedures, and unreliable blood alcohol test results. Issues such as these can significantly reduce DUI consequences and, in some cases, can result in a DUI charge being dismissed.

The Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for Your DUI Case

Hiring a lawyer to help with your DUI case also gives you someone who can walk you through the process. An experienced Minnesota DUI lawyer will be able to explain the nature of the different types of court appearances that you will make and what to expect at each appearance. In some circumstances, your DUI attorney can appear in court on your behalf saving you the time and hassle of actually going to court. A DUI lawyer can also explain options for getting your driver’s license reinstated.

There’s no guarantee that hiring a Minnesota DUI lawyer to represent you in your case will result in avoiding a DUI conviction.  While you may not walk away from your Minnesota DUI if you hire a lawyer, we can almost always minimize some aspect of the consequences.  This can include securing reduced fines, reduced driver’s license revocation periods, and avoiding formal probation.

Hire Minneapolis’ Best DUI Attorneys

Contact us today for a free consultation if you or someone you know is wondering whether our; DUI lawyer;could help with a current DUI charge.

We’ll tell you if we don’t think we can improve the outcome of your DUI case. With our free consultations, there’s nothing to lose.

If we don’t think we can help with the outcome of your DUI case, we’ll give you some tips on what to do when you go to court.

Author Photo John T. Arechigo, Esq.

Attorney John Arechigo has a passion for criminal defense in St. Paul, MN. John received his J.D., from Hamline University School of Law and also carries a Bachelor of Arts from, The University of Minnesota. John was named Attorney of the Year for 2019 by Minnesota Lawyer. Additionally, John was also named as a 2019 Rising Star and was selected to Minnesota Super Lawyers in 2021. He devotes nearly 100% of his practice to defending individuals charged with a crime.

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