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There are many factors that an injured worker must consider when hiring a Minnesota workers compensation attorney.  Unlike many other areas of the law, workers’ compensation law is highly technical in nature and only an experienced Minnesota workers compensation attorney should be hired to assist you in obtaining the benefits you are entitled to under Minnesota law.

The benefits of hiring an experienced Minnesota workers compensation attorney are numerous and include:

  • Faster compensation
  • Financial security
  • Less stress for you and your family
  • More Compensation

Hiring the right Minnesota workers compensation attorney at the beginning of your case can be the most important decision for an injured worker.  The beginning is when many of time deadlines become applicable, and when many of your rights under the law vest.

There are no attorney fees unless a dispute exists.  An injured worker in Minnesota is entitled specific benefits under the law.  Unless one of those benefits is denied, a Minnesota workers compensation attorney procures a settlement in your case, or a dispute exists, there are no attorney fees.  Some Minnesota workers compensation attorney will not monitor cases to ensure everything runs smoothly and will wait until benefits are denied to represent injured workers.  This is a mistake.  Our Minnesota workers compensation attorneys will monitor your case for free which enables  us to step in quickly to obtain your benefits.

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