Work Comp

1.) Will my work comp case go to trial if the insurance company denies my claim?

2.) Why do I need to hire an attorney for my work comp case?

3.) What are the steps of a Minnesota work comp case?

4.) What are the four main types of Minnesota workers’ compensation benefits?

5.) How do I prove my injury was work related?

6.) How do attorney fees in workers’ compensation cases work in Minnesota?

7.) Are mental illnesses or traumatic events covered under Minnesota work comp?

Criminal Defense & DUI/DWI

1.) Why should I hire a criminal defense attorney for my DUI in Minnesota?

2.) Do I need to hire a Minnesota criminal defense attorney even if I am innocent?

3.) Can I hire any kind of lawyer to defend me in my Minnesota criminal case?

4.) What happens at my first appearance in Minnesota criminal court?

5.) Can I get my old Minnesota criminal record expunged?

6.) How do I get something removed from my Minnesota criminal record?

7.) How did our challenge to the Minnesota criminal defamation statute help protect free speech under the First Amendment?

8.) What is the new revenge porn law in Minnesota?

9.) Do I have to let police into my house if they knock on my door?

10.) Can police force me to unlock my phone in Minnesota?