Federal crimes are very serious offenses. If indicted on a federal crime, you can bet the Government will aggressively prosecute the crime.

It is not uncommon for federal prosecutors to seek serious consequences, often seeking a federal prison sentence.

The United States Government has enormous resources. By the time an indictment is filed, the Government has typically spent a long time investigating and building their case.

It is important to hire a federal criminal defense attorney who can immediately begin building your defense. Our federal crimes lawyers are available to you 24 hours a day. Contact our team today to get started on your case.

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Federal Crimes Penalties

If you are indicted for a federal criminal offense, the consequences, if convicted, can range from lengthy federal prison sentences, steep fines, and huge restitution orders to a few months of house arrest.

The circumstances of a particular federal criminal case will usually determine the consequence the Government pursues.  Sometimes, it can be in your best interest to cooperate with federal investigators.

Cooperation can greatly reduce the punishment.  It is important to hire a federal criminal defense lawyer who can advise you on your best options, including whether to consider cooperating with the Government.

Defense of all Federal Crimes

Our federal crimes lawyers can defend you against any number of federal crimes, including:

  • White-collar crimes,
  • Federal insurance fraud,
  • Federal mail fraud,
  • Wire fraud,
  • Embezzlement,
  • Federal drug conspiracy,
  • RICO charges,
  • Weapons violations, and
  • Human trafficking.

Secure and Strong Federal Criminal Defense

At Arechigo & Stokka, our Minnesota federal criminal defense attorneys have the skills and experience needed to handle the complete range of federal crime charges. If you or your loved one was charged with a federal crime or any related offense, we are here to help.

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