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Here is a checklist to go over after being involved in a Minnesota motor vehicle accident.  The first thing everyone who owns a car should do is have a few things ready in case you are in an accident.  

Keep these things in your glove box at all times: a pen, a camera (or use your phone), insurance information, and any information regarding allergies or medical conditions.

After an Accident, Follow These Steps:

  • Remain calm.  Keep your head about you.  Most people panic and forget to do some of the things that need to be done.  Turn on the hazard lights.
  • If you need to move your car out of traffic, try to take a few pictures of the scene first.
  • Evaluate your situation.  Are you seriously injured?  If so, stay where you are and try to call 911.  If you are not seriously injured, and it is safe to do so, move your car out of the road and the lane of traffic, if possible.
  • Call 911.  If you are seriously injured, or the other party is seriously injured, advise emergency services to send an ambulance.  When the police arrive let them know how the Minnesota motor vehicle accident occurred.  Be sure to speak to the police because they will be filing a report about what they believe occurred.
  • Trade information with the other party or parties.  You will need to exchange your name, address, phone number, insurance company and policy number, driver’s license number and license plate number.  If the other driver is not the owner of the vehicle, try to find out who the owner is.
  • Take pictures, or to the extent feasible, turn on the recorder on your phone.  Some people will readily admit their own negligence at the scene and later, after realizing how being at fault could effect their insurance rates, will suddenlly realize they were not at fault.  By recording the other party admitting to negligence you can avoid these problems.
  • Go to the emergency room if needed.
  • Contact your insurance company.  Your insurance will immediately cover any medical expenses, wage loss, transportation expenses, so it is important to immediately notify them that an accident occurred.

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